Blue Bonnet Bakery

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After busting out of the bricks, the first place I wanted to visit was church – I haven’t been since 1929. I seem to recall a spiffy new church on the Boulevard that was built just before I came to town. To my surprise, the church wasn’t a church anymore. I mean, it looked like one, but it’s apparently a bakery now!

I’ll admit I was a little flabbergasted at first. Then I realized that it was Blue Bonnet Bakery (we knew it as Harper’s back in my day). After a few pecan pies, éclairs, cookies, and cupcakes, I had the energy of a baby brick. They have a good-looking breakfast and lunch menu too, but I filled up on pastries. And after a lifetime of eating tire rubber and inhaling exhaust, I deserved a little indulgence.  

It’s hard out there for a brick. 

This is unlike any church I've ever seen!


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