Kincaid's Hamburgers

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’ll admit to being a little behind on the times. My whole life has just been work, work, work. I’ve been meaning to try Kincaid’s Hamburgers for the last 64 years, but you know me – all work and no play. I went for lunch, and the place was hopping! I ordered a Kincaid’s Burger and fries – my first burger in over eight decades. The burger was fresh and delicious, and the hand cut fries were crispy and wonderful.
         I thought the food was too good to be true – another exhaust-related hallucination, maybe. But, I did some digging around and found out why the burgers so tasty. They are made from the best U.S.D.A. Choice chuck available. The beef is natural vegetarian-fed, hormone free, preservative free, antibiotic free, and is cut and ground fresh every day! The patties weigh a pound, and they’re loaded with fresh veggies.
         I also found out that Kincaid’s burgers have been named the best in Texas and the USA. I couldn’t believe the best burger in the country that invented the hamburger has been right under my nose all this time. I guess the brick race has really held back my palate. I was so inspired, I took some burgers and fries to-go and dropped them on the bricks for my brick brethren. No one should be denied this much flavor!

This place was voted the best burger in the U.S.!


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