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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After all those years being run over by cars, I’ve developed a serious case of road hair. Normally, a brick my age wouldn’t care about such vanities. But now that I am the unofficial party Captain of the Boulevard, I’ve got to keep up appearances. I feel like my life is a beer commercial all of a sudden!
         Luckily for me, the Camp Bowie District has more than a few salon options. I waddled down to Goldwaves Salon, to make myself presentable for the Boulevard lasses. Stylist Delilah Soto made me look like a regular gold brick. She offered me a Brazilian Blowout, which I assumed meant some sort of flat tire. As it turns out, it’s a fancy new haircut that I just can’t pull off – the road has been rough on my brick scalp.
         Goldwaves offers all kinds of other products and services. They do color – I went for “brick red,” styling, perms, makeup, and virtually everything else you’d need to get ready for a night out on the bricks. Goldwaves also sells a wide variety of Bumble & Bumble hair products, for the “hair-obsessed.”
         After my experience, I was ready for the fast lane again – although, I’d never want to be the fast lane. I’ll leave that to those asphalts. 
Stylist Delilah Soto untangled my brick hair, I've never looked so good!


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