Gordon Boswell Flowers

Friday, June 3, 2011

There aren’t many places in Fort Worth that have been around longer than I have. Gordon Boswell Flowers is one of those places – they’ve been around since 1919. As a young brick, I remember trying to pitch some serious woo to a lady-Acme brick, and I showered her with Gordon Boswell bouquets. But, we were from different worlds. I was a young upstart from a small town in Texas trying to establish myself on the Boulevard, she was a Yankee brick down in Fort Worth to be a part of the Swift Meat-Packing plants. It just wasn’t meant to be. But I digress.
         Gordon Boswell’s beautiful showroom has the perfect arrangement for any occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, new baby, sympathy, weddings, and anything else. The staff at Gordon Boswell can customize your arrangement to fit your own style, or they can just pick something nice for you. They can also deliver to virtually any place in the county.
         I was so inspired, I ordered a dozen roses to be delivered to the old Swift Meat-Packing plant in the Stockyards. Think she’ll remember me? I would have taken them myself, but I am a Camp Bowie brick through and through. There’s too much to do on the Boulevard. I can’t be weighed down by a silly thing like love – especially at my age. Then again, a brick can dream…
These are just a few of the flowers in Gordon Boswell's showroom.


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