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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 I’m almost afraid to admit it, but life has been pretty good since I started to explore the Boulevard. (Quick, someone knock on…what is it you knock on? Concrete!) I’ve made a lot of new friends and had so many unique experiences at great restaurants, retailers, and other businesses. And, I’ve only just scratched the surface. There are untold amounts of wonder left for me in the Camp Bowie District.
My tastes aren’t what you’d call extravagant, but even this old brick needs to indulge every now and then. I may be old, but I still have style. And nothing says style like jewelry from Haltom’s. They’ve been around for 100 years, and take pride in only selling merchandise that you’ll be proud to pass on to your grandchildren or grandbricks. Their customer service is legendary – they only hire experienced people who know your name. It’s like the Cheers of Jewelers. They were even nice to me, and bricks don’t have the best reputation at businesses with display cases.
If it’s nice, they’ve got it: watches, necklaces, rings, fine crystal, and more – all from dozens of the top designers of each. I got myself some serious blink – blink...or is it blong? I don’t know. I’m still learning the lingo. I do know I was looking like one classy brick. 
Thanks to Haltom's for letting this brick near the glass!

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