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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 After a long night of gettin’ bricky on the Boulevard, I woke up in a strange house wearing a lampshade over my head. (I’m getting too old for this). After sneaking out of the house without waking anyone up, I got all the way home without noticing that the lampshade was still on my head. (Which is good, considering I didn’t have a hat to shield me from the summer Texas sun).
         So, my dilemma was: do I return the lampshade to its rightful owners and risk being “that brick?” Do I keep it as a reminder of the morning I woke up with a lampshade on my head? Or, do I replace it, and return to the house, new lampshade in hand? Well, I chose the latter. I’m nothing if not an honorable brick.
         I waddled over to Fort Worth’s premier fine lighting and décor showroom, House of Tuscany. It’s got custom shades, candle sleeves, copper lanterns, crystal chains, and, it’s got way more than just lighting accessories. It also offers boutique furniture, crystal, and all kinds of gift ideas. The helpful staff found me the perfect replacement lampshade – way nicer than the one I wore as a hat.
         When I went back to the scene of my crime, I was greeted like a hero. Apparently, I earned the nickname “Two-fist Brick.” (Not sure what that means, but I’ll take it). I gave the guys who owned the lampshade the new one I got from The House of Tuscany. They were ecstatic. It was easily the classiest thing in the house. At least if I leave wearing that lampshade in the future, I’ll be wearing the very best the bricks has to offer. 
House of Tuscany is Fort Worth's premier fine lighting and decor shop!

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