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Friday, June 10, 2011

When I left the brick race, I did so with a heavy heart. I knew that I’d be experiencing life to fullest on the Boulevard, but I also knew I’d be venturing into a world of uncertainties. I needed a path – my own yellow brick road, so to speak.
         With all of that uncertainty and nervous excitement looming over me, I decided to go get my fortune told. Luckily, the Boulevard has got just the place to go! At Psychic Networker, Ryan W. Evans was able to set my mind at ease. He read my tarot cards, and my aura (it’s pretty red, by the way, which I'm means I'm healthy and strong. That's surprising after a lifetime of being run over by cars). He told me that I was already following the right path – up and down the Camp Bowie District! He also told me that I’d be lucky in love soon (I hope not too soon, I need to sow my wild oats for a while). Did you know that in a past life, I was clay? Fascinating.
         Ryan can give psychic advice too! He advised me in money matters, love, business, and all kinds of other stuff. More importantly, he’s right there on the bricks whenever I need him again. The future bodes well for this brick, and for Camp Bowie.
I foresee a lot of good times and give-aways in your future! Keep checking back here and my facebook page for more of my adventures, and some cool prizes. 
Ryan W. Evans read my future, and it looks bright! Bright red!


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