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Monday, June 20, 2011

I gotta tell you, the longer I troll the Boulevard, the happier I get. Don’t get me wrong, the taste of tire rubber and car exhaust still coats my brick mouth – 82 years worth is a lot to wash away. But, I’ve got a new lease on life, and it’s all thanks to the Camp Bowie District! I asked myself, what can I do to properly recognize the impact the CBD has had on my life? Is there some sort of gesture that might announce my feelings to the world? Then it hit me like a …stone (stones can be so tacky, so unrefined) – I’ll get a tattoo!
         Luckily for me, Camp Bowie has a few great places to get some ink. Now, I had no idea how difficult it would be to tattoo a brick – apparently a normal tattoo gun won’t penetrate my rough exterior. Royal 1 Tattoos and Piercings hooked me up. My tattoo artist, Hannah, had the experience and artistic flare to make my vision a reality. They also do piercings, sell jewelry and other apparel.
         I’ve seen quite a few people with the tattoos on their lower back. I don’t really get it, but what would an old brick like me know about what is or isn’t in style? In this case, I’ll trust the younger generations. That couldn’t possibly backfire. Now I have my tattoo, and I’ll be reppin’ the CBD forever! Check out my facebook page for a look at my ink.
Tattoo artist, Hannah, gave me a CBD brick-stamp!

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