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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I’ve gone to some pretty great lengths better myself recently. I’ve started doing yoga, joined a gym, started taking vitamins, and all kinds of other things – all of which can be accomplished within the Camp Bowie District. Sure, my body is brick hard now, but what about my mind? After all, being run over by cars for several decades isn’t exactly brain candy.
         Luckily for me, the Boulevard has a major college. Tarleton State University’s Southwest Metroplex Center is conveniently located near the traffic circle, and caters to bricks on the go, like myself. It offers a wide-range of classes, taught by qualified, experienced professors, who know what it takes to get their students ready for the real world. It’s not a trade school or a community college, but rather an accredited four-year university right in our backyard.
         I spoke to an advisor about what classes to take, in order to make this square brick a little more well rounded. The Southwest Campus offers 22 undergraduate degrees and nine graduate degrees. I decided to go into liberal studies, in an effort to become a renaissance brick.
         I’m already enjoying expanding my horizons – I’ve even discovered something called hackey sack. The Bricks and I used to play a similar game called kick the pebble. Anyway…pretty soon I’ll be wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches, and go by “Professor Brick.” My dissertation will be on how cool the Camp Bowie District is! 
Tarleton State University is making this Brick well rounded!

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