Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer is a tough time for us Camp Bowie bricks. My body can crack in this sweltering sun – especially at my age. So, I’ve really got to be careful what I eat. I love anything that cools me off, satisfies my bourgeoning sweet tooth, and won’t add fat to my brick-hard body.
         Imagine my pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon the new TCBY, which just opened this month in the Ridglea area. They serve something called frozen yogurt, which, a friendly yogurt vendor explained to me, is a sweet, frozen treat that uses real dairy yogurt, and provides all of the health benefits of live active cultures (I didn’t know culture was healthy. I’d better go to the museums more often)! Its products are low in fat, and trans-fat free, making them an ideal healthy snack for a hot day.
         The friendly staff at the yogurtorium encouraged me to add some of the many toppings TCBY offers. It’s got a seemingly endless amount of options. I settled on some gummy bears and sprinkles – even a health conscious brick has some weaknesses.
         If you want to beat the heat, treat yourself to some frozen yogurt at TCBY! Now I know it’s there, I’ll be going regularly to get more cultured. Maybe I’ll grow a goatee, like those academics and art historians – maybe not, I don’t want to get gummy bears stuck in my facial hair. 
This friendly staffer showed me all of the TCBY toppings!

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