Friday, August 19, 2011

As a brick on the Boulevard, I lived in a something of a bubble. All of my friends were bricks, all of my co-workers were bricks – and we all played brick games (rock, paper, brick; brick toss), and gossiped about other bricks. Now I’m out of the brick race, I’m making non-brick friends – none of who care about what brick is dating what other brick.
         I’ve also had to step up my home décor, since I’m having people over more these days. It’s easy to impress bricks – we pretty much all have the same pictures hanging on our walls: the yellow brick road, the famous brick train, and so on. I waddled over to Chiffoniers on the Boulevard, and the knowledgeable staff really helped me turn my brick hut into a lady-friendly, boutique-y bach-pad.
         Chiffoniers has so much more than home décor. In fact, the boutique also specializes in women’s apparel, jewelry, cute clothing and accessories for the kiddos, and all kinds of gift ideas.
         It’s impossible to leave Chiffoniers without taking home something memorable. Hopefully, all of my houseguests will remember what great taste I have in home décor. And if I happen to meet a special lady, I know the first place I’ll go for a unique gift. 
Chiffoniers is a great place to shop for boutique chic home decor!

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