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Monday, September 12, 2011

It’s hard to admit it, but I’m definitely starting to feel my age. The first thing to fade was my hearing – or maybe I’ve just been spending too much time at the Mule Pub, rocking out to Poo Live Crew and other loud bands. I’m not about to get a hearing aid (I have an image to maintain). The second thing to fade was my eyesight. I am blind as cinder block (they have notoriously bad vision – one of the thousand ways in which bricks are better).
I visited the kind folks at Texas State Optical on the Boulevard. Dr. Matthew Barber checked out my eyes (I hate the test that blows air into your eye), and his knowledgeable staff hooked me up with the perfect pair of glasses. I look so distinguished now, and I can do that thing where I whip my glasses off dramatically.
         As it turns out, chicks dig me in glasses. They even say I look younger. The best part is, now I can see inside dark bars. I no longer have to waste my time on 6’s. It’s 10’s only for me now! Thanks, Texas State Optical.   
The TSO team hooked me up with a stylish pair of specs!

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