Medi Weightloss Clinic -- Camp Bowie

Friday, July 29, 2011

After all of the partying I’ve been doing on the Boulevard, my waistline has been suffering. Sure I work out (the Boulevard has several great gyms), but frankly that isn’t enough to keep my body brick-hard. I need a little help – especially at my age.
         A friend recommended Medi Weightloss Clinic to me. A new clinic recently opened on the bricks, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Shelley Smyth and her staff were very friendly and welcoming. She weighed me in, and we sat and talked about how I could adjust my diet to get me back into brick road shape.
         Medi is a three-phase, physician supervised program, including: weight loss, maintenance (bringing patients up to a normal diet), and wellness. The Medi team extensively reviews patients’ health and medical history by performing comprehensive medical testing, and develops a program that is individualized specifically for each patient. Through weekly support and motivation, education about how to lose weight in the real world using real food, and guided nutrition and fitness plans - patients reach their goal weight and learn how to keep it off in a healthy and manageable way.
         Medi is also having an open house on August 11, at its Camp Bowie District location (3615 Camp Bowie). There will be a ribbon cutting at 4:30, and an open house from 5-7pm. Guests will enjoy “Smartini” cocktails, healthy bites from Jon Bonnell, giveaways, and discounts on services.
          Dieting is tough with all of these great restaurants on the Boulevard – it’s easy to feel like a ton of bricks. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself after 82 years working on the Boulevard, it’s that I am stubborn enough to pull it off. And if I don’t look good, Camp Bowie doesn’t look good!
Shelley Smyth taught me how to manage my partying!

Check out Medi’s website for more details:

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Edwin Watts Golf

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I’m not usually much for gentlemanly sport. The only game we bricks used to play was rock, paper, brick – and that’s boring, because nothing beats brick. However, in my continuing attempt to expand my horizons, I decided to hit the links and try my hand at golf. I’m told that golf can be very frustrating for a beginner. And I admit that I don’t always have an even temper, especially for games that don’t involve pulling out a brick and smashing something.
         My first task was gearing up. I went straight to Edwin Watts Gold, which carries dozens of the top brands of clubs, bags, balls, apparel, and all kinds of other equipment. I even bought a couple of “how to” videos, and got some great advice from the knowledgeable staff.
         Edwin Watts always has the best deals and sales. It is currently in the middle of its 43rd anniversary sale, with some items up to 75 percent off! You can also get pre-owned golf clubs, if you’re a beginner like me and don’t want to invest in something too advanced until you’ve had a few games under your belt.
         I don’t know how this golf thing is going to work out for me, but at least I’ll have all of the best gear and look good. And who knows, I might be the next Tiger Bricks! 
Try your hand on the putting green at Edwin Watts Golf

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer is a tough time for us Camp Bowie bricks. My body can crack in this sweltering sun – especially at my age. So, I’ve really got to be careful what I eat. I love anything that cools me off, satisfies my bourgeoning sweet tooth, and won’t add fat to my brick-hard body.
         Imagine my pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon the new TCBY, which just opened this month in the Ridglea area. They serve something called frozen yogurt, which, a friendly yogurt vendor explained to me, is a sweet, frozen treat that uses real dairy yogurt, and provides all of the health benefits of live active cultures (I didn’t know culture was healthy. I’d better go to the museums more often)! Its products are low in fat, and trans-fat free, making them an ideal healthy snack for a hot day.
         The friendly staff at the yogurtorium encouraged me to add some of the many toppings TCBY offers. It’s got a seemingly endless amount of options. I settled on some gummy bears and sprinkles – even a health conscious brick has some weaknesses.
         If you want to beat the heat, treat yourself to some frozen yogurt at TCBY! Now I know it’s there, I’ll be going regularly to get more cultured. Maybe I’ll grow a goatee, like those academics and art historians – maybe not, I don’t want to get gummy bears stuck in my facial hair. 
This friendly staffer showed me all of the TCBY toppings!

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Zoo Music

Friday, July 8, 2011

I’ve recently discovered my love for rock n’ roll. When I was embedded in the Boulevard, I heard all kinds of music, but only for a few seconds at a time. I remember hearing about rock many years ago, but I thought it was just a phase, and was holding out for brick n’ roll – which would no doubt take the world by storm. That never happened. I’ve always resented that there are so many stone-themed bands: Rolling Stones, Stone Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, but there are no brick-themed bands. Sure, there are a smattering of songs, like, “Brick House,” “Thick as a Brick,” and a few others.
         So, I decided it’s time to invent brick n’ roll, and bring the brick into its proper place atop the hierarchy of the masonry units. I’ve got the soul and the passion, but I don’t have the training or the instrument. Luckily for me, the Boulevard has a place that specializes in both: Zoo Music.
         Zoo Music is like a musician’s play ground, with its walls of guitars, amplifiers, drums, and every other new or used instrument you could imagine. Their experienced staff also gives lessons in a variety of instruments, at a very reasonable cost.
         I thought about playing the drums, but they don’t really make a brick-sized drum set. Instead, I opted for the guitar. I figure the best way to spread my message of brick power, would be through power chords. Now I’ve just got to find some other bricks to play in my band with me. Maybe when a few of my friends decide to retire from the Boulevard, I’ll recruit them. And when I do, I’ll send them straight to Zoo Music for some lessons.
         In the mean time, I might need help coming up with some band names. Any ideas?  
Zoo has everything the upstart Musician or old pro needs to get their jam-on!

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Tarleton State University

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I’ve gone to some pretty great lengths better myself recently. I’ve started doing yoga, joined a gym, started taking vitamins, and all kinds of other things – all of which can be accomplished within the Camp Bowie District. Sure, my body is brick hard now, but what about my mind? After all, being run over by cars for several decades isn’t exactly brain candy.
         Luckily for me, the Boulevard has a major college. Tarleton State University’s Southwest Metroplex Center is conveniently located near the traffic circle, and caters to bricks on the go, like myself. It offers a wide-range of classes, taught by qualified, experienced professors, who know what it takes to get their students ready for the real world. It’s not a trade school or a community college, but rather an accredited four-year university right in our backyard.
         I spoke to an advisor about what classes to take, in order to make this square brick a little more well rounded. The Southwest Campus offers 22 undergraduate degrees and nine graduate degrees. I decided to go into liberal studies, in an effort to become a renaissance brick.
         I’m already enjoying expanding my horizons – I’ve even discovered something called hackey sack. The Bricks and I used to play a similar game called kick the pebble. Anyway…pretty soon I’ll be wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches, and go by “Professor Brick.” My dissertation will be on how cool the Camp Bowie District is! 
Tarleton State University is making this Brick well rounded!

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